Current Situations in Our Country

  • “fire and brimstone coming down from the skies! Rivers and seas boiling!
    Forty years of darkness! Earthquakes, volcanoes…
     The dead rising from the grave!
     Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together… mass hysteria!”
    • THE FAMILIAR PHRASES FROM GHOSTBUSTERS SEEM LAUGHABLE BUT OUR CURRENT REALITY PRESENTS SIMILAR SCENARIOS WITHIN OUR SOCIETY AND COMMUNITIES.Unjustified police killings of black men, cities in flames, PEOPLE DYING BY THE THOUSANDS BY AN UNCONTROLLED VIRUS, GOVERNMENT IN A SHAMBLES WITH NO HELPFUL LEADERSHIP. OUR culture, laws and social behavior was initiated by white slave holders and indentured servants who assimilated into a culture that accepted the fallacy that the Africans (Blacks) were inferior and  could be treated  as if they were  no different can animals.   it has come to pass in the evolution a black people after enduring multitude laws, lynchings,  race  motivated attacks and killings only compounds the situation.  as one young black heavily-armed man  ” we not our ancestors .”

    • It has come to a point where in this country opposing forces on issues of racism and unequal Justice has come to the Forefront of American society. there appears to be no determinant  resolve of these issues unless they are done equitably. The resistance to change will always be a factor however we must persevere as a nation, as a people to resolveThe calamity about current social dysfunction.


    • There have been many words spoken and written that  express that there must be a change in a system that has existed for the sole purpose of disenfranchising black people and people of color in order to sustain their dominance and Power in this country. we are past the crossroads and have been this way before. should there be no immediate change in the current justice system, Financial system, real estate market, employment opportunities and respect for all citizens and those who aspire to be The current turmoil and unrest will not cease. Regardless of your political affiliation, racial  views  or whatever keeps you up at night, this is your time To wake up and be counted because the future of our existence depends upon the stability  of a system that  does an Equitable check and balance of its institutions and laws regarding equality for all. CURRENT SITUATION IN THIS COUNTRY IS CRITICAL And it appears that we will have to ride out this storm until serious changes have been made. it appears that peaceful demonstrations have been used  to  promote violence and acts of destruction by forces that are not for our best interest. There have been always been racist attitudes in this country as Scholars of african history have presented to us for over 400 year and counting. One must understand that much of america’s wealth and success has come from the blood, sweat and tears from a nation of people who were kidnapped, enslaved and treated still today by some as inferior and not accepted in the the main stream of this country. should these issues not be given immediate focus with an eventual resolve, the ramifications are grave with no other recource other than a continuous onslought of protest and destruction. “just saying”



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