No one seems to have noticed or understood the signals from the white world, signals which tell how tremendously important the whites regard any movement toward unity among blacks. Nothing racial seems to upset them more. That is why they insist on being on “any-black” organizational movement either as financially supporting members, or as “ advisors,” observers or reporters. To bar them from any exclusively all-black conference Is regarded as something a little less than treason or as some kind of black conspiracy in the making. On the other hand, no blacks are ever present at all-white conferences where the fate of blacks everywhere is discussed and decided.


Unity among blacks has been prevented for so many centuries that the various mechanisms to keep blacks disorganized have been perfected in the western system of race control. The white man is keenly aware of the tremendous power of any well organized groups. But an organization of blacks on a scope that would represent the voice of Black America would be a threat and a challenge not only to continue white dominance of blacks in the United States, but also foreign policies and practices that affect the lives of African people elsewhere in the world.


But the apprehension of whites about the possibility of real black unity appears to be quite as needless now as in the past. For we are still in the “meeting and talking” stage of our history, and appear not to be ready even to begin the attack on the obviously built-in obstacles. These have been pointed out over and over again. They had to be emphasized and could not possibly be overemphasized, because, in addition to the historic reasons for our own self-generated disunity, no other non-white people on earth are in the dangerous situation of having so many of their leaders elected, appointed, sponsored or financed by the white ruling classes. In the case of blacks in the United States, and the same is true of blacks everywhere, these negro heads of important institutions and organizations represent the white man’s “indirect rule” over the black community. It is the voice of these “leaders” that is accepted as the voice of the race. They do indeed have a great following, drawing almost entirely from the traditional  “ Negro Elite” and “upper-middle-class” lawyers, government officials, doctors, professors, school administrators, scientists, engineers, heads up integrationist organizations, etc. They are essentially anti-black, anti-african and therefore, anti-black studies. Hence their frantic drive for “integration” which, of course, will effectively check the “alarming” development of pride in race, a sense of cultural identity respond to one’s own bloodline, and a growing knowledge of being members of a race with a record of achievement unsurpassed by any other people, despite  the conversion of so much that was black to white. This the negro leadership will destroy even at its inception by forcing the black youth of America more directly under white education, direction and control –  a vengeful striking back at black youth for starting a revolt against their mental enslavement in the first place  


The obstacles to unity are so great that the outlook is both discouraging and frightening to all but the strong with the will to both survive and overcome. The very first major obstacle to be overcome involves a mental revolution out of which Black America faces up to the stark reality that white America as a whole is it’s enemy, that blacks will be recognized only in a subordinate role, at the scattering of black office holders, high and low, really mean nothing to the race as a whole, that there are actually two sets of laws as administered – one for whites and one for blacks, just as there were two sets of wages and prices; and finally, that’s the blacks loyalty and devotion to the whites, despite of all they have done and still do them, mystifies the whites themselves and confirms anew their belief that such humble–dog attitude Indicate inferiority independently of everything else. 


Until afro-americans are quite clear in their own minds about the real situation in this country, all talk about unity and achieving equal justice will be just that  –  useless talk. But with a clear understanding of reality, the specific studies and planning for a broad program for securing racial unity in progress can begain.  

No one would propose that 35 million blacks be brought under a single umbrella of leadership. Nor is that necessary. But in organizing a national conference should develop a program designed to form hundreds of organizations into one vast national body of millions, with each society carrying on its own functions as before except in matters concerning the whole race, or organized by families and individuals, community by community and state by state. Where the matter concerns the whole race, Affiliated groups would speak in one voice through the overall organization of the race. But since the overall race organization will be directly involved in promoting definitive action programs on all fronts, the members of all Affiliated groups will also be members of the overall race organization.


The separatist movement of whites gave negro integrationist another shock, showing them how utterly dependent they had been on white enterprise for just about everything, even in all black neighborhoods before the whites left their own exclusive section. But the shock did not affect their dependent mentality. In an all black community of 100,000 people there were only three black owned grocery stores –  and very small ones at that, compared with 75 white operated stores. Not a single black owned hardware store or laundry, etc.  In a city of nearly a million blacks there is not a single black-owned department store or any other important enterprise. We have left it all to the white’s, just as though they alone can create jobs and job opportunities


The perpetual hat-in-hand cry of property must end. What we have too much of is the poverty of spirit. nor will the lack of finance excuse stand, for in spite of our lower incomes, we waste millions in luxuries. What we lack is the chain store vision enterprising spirit that organizes groups fully able to launch a large-scale community Finance undertakings


The white withdrawal created citywide black communities. Most of the first class services went to the suburbs.The blacks must now fill the gaps on all fronts, and must prove their worth. The time for big talking is over. The time for big action is here. That is why a nation-wide movement for unity in one vast organization of millions is the road to constructive action through the various black communities of the country.


This article it’s just one of many presented by Chancellor Williams of the [Third World Press] in his book titled “ THE DESTRUCTION OF BLACK CIVILIZATION” Copyright 1987  (great issues of a race from 4500 B.C. 2000 A.D.) , {a great read.}  

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