Benefits of nature

The average lifestyle the average person leads nowadays is very, very far removed from those of our ancestors 2000 years ago. Not to say this is bad, of course, but this lifestyle has some unpleasant side effects that impact us in significant ways, such as not being able to partake in nature bathing often.

The benefits of nature are numerous and studied: “forest bathing” emerged in 1980 in Japan after numerous studies proved that 30 minutes a week of walking around in the forest has significant benefits in the areas of stress management, anger, depression, and anxiety.

Of course, similar effects can be observed when indulging in any sort of natural scenery, not just forests, so please take some time off to take a picnic in the nearby park,

go swim some laps at the beach or stroll through a lovely field of flowers and you will see significant improvements in your mood and stress levels!

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