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Covid16: Simple Thoughts

More than half a year has already passed since the world had been made aware of a new biological threat. Coronavirus or, now simply called Covid19, as can be expected from a pandemic, has caused worldwide panic, confusion, and of course, thousands and thousands of death tolls. Like any living creature, what can be more […]

Social Distancing During The Covid-19 Pandemic

What is social distancing? Social distancing is basically when someone keeps a safe space between oneself and another person. To exercise social distancing due to Covid-19, one would need to stay at least 6 feet apart from each other. The COVID-19 travels through infected persons when they cough or even talk, and droplets from their […]

Emergency first aid kits

Perhaps one of the most important yet most overlooked things that we need in our car (or in our bags !) is a little emergency first aid kit. Of course, since they are supposed to be small this sort of kits usually keep only the bare basics: bandaids, some alcohol to disinfect wounds, bandages in […]

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