Covid16: Simple Thoughts

More than half a year has already passed since the world had been made aware of a new biological threat. Coronavirus or, now simply called Covid19, as can be expected from a pandemic, has caused worldwide panic, confusion, and of course, thousands and thousands of death tolls.

Like any living creature, what can be more frightening than the loss of one’s life, right? When the threat does not distinguish anyone, it is more terrifying.

Lots of to-do’s, preventive measures, changed protocols, among others, had been issued and implemented since months ago. Covid19 doesn’t have the vaccine as of this time so the world can only implement preventive measures.

And, surely, for the past months too, calls for these health precautionary measures had been heard by everyone now. Always wear protective gear. Always wash hands.

Sanitize, sanitize, sanitize! Of course, there’s the social distancing. We are made to constantly practice the awareness of others.

Again, we can only fight this pandemic through precautionary health measures and making sure that our health is at its best at all times.

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