Outdoor Survival

After the lockdown, there has been an increase in the number of people that are taking advantage of the outdoors for their hobbies, and a lot of people are taking up more “outdoorsy” hobbies such as hiking or camping. One of these hobbies that has seen an increase in practitioners is outdoor survival, a very fun and engaging hobby that can also teach you many life skills!

The pillars of outdoor survival, as its name indicates, are finding ways to work around nature and survive in a high-risk situation. Some of the things you will be doing are assessing how risky a particular place is to set camp if the water around is drinkable or not, how to set up a tent in different environments and with different materials, how to start a fire or how to forage for berries.

Many people that enjoy this hobby liken it to the trips they used to take with their Boy Scouts group, so it can turn into a lovely way to relive your childhood as well!

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