To wake up in Trump’s world of hate and racism for black people has multiple emotional, physical and financial challenges every day. In dealing with a new type of living due to the Coronavirus, loss of work, illness, death, and an increase and racial tensions throughout the country. The ruthless and unmerciful slaghter of another black man caused me to again wake up in a rage and in a total uproar regarding the blatant disregard by law enforcement officers for the life and safety of all people. This is not new because the original premise of law enforcement was to control the culture or racism and slavery and has been ingrained into this system’s laws which denies equal rights for blacks and other minorities.

As a retired peace officer, I reject and condemn their behavior. As a black man  who used  the system’s available tools for a black man and others to succeed and being in a position of knowledge to speak out, I’m asking that all black Peace officers of your respective agencies along with your allies and black ceo’s, all of you, stand up like men and women for your people who are being targeted and killed without descretion. People are dying and you silent. you are allowing these uniformed assassin’s to shoot us like dogs while you stand by and support them.

We are not asking much more than you would ask for your loved ones. Those guys, you know those guys, you know how they talk, you know how they look at you and your fellow non-white officers. you know how they laugh and joke about that last shooting but you shut your eyes, close your mouth and cover your ears. Are you any better? These armed uniform vigilantes wearing your colors and badge are a disgrace to your profession and to this country.

Their cult and gang like behavior and their wanton and straitforward use of deadly force has the look of geneside and must not be tolerated by any law abiding citizen.  This must be mitigated and resolved before it become unsustainable. You must act now to curtail these viruses within your departments that have made you look like the bad guy. My experience with law enforcement over the years has taught me that their  actually more good cops then bad cops. My question to you is which one are you.  “Just saying”

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